Deliver Data You Can Trust

Talend offers a single suite of apps for data integration, integrity, and intelligence to collect, govern, transform, and share trusted data at the speed of business.

Discover and cleanse your data

Put data discovery and quality into everyone’s hands (from developer to analyst) with in-flight profiling to quickly highlight the data inconsistencies across your platform and apps.

Organize trusted data and empower your data stewards

Get a single point of control for documenting trusted data along with back-office capabilities so data stewards can maintain the data and make it easy to find and consume.

Automate data pipelines and enable trusted access

Leverage built-in automation and machine learning mechanisms to automate processes and rules over time. Publish trusted data at speed via API services that accelerate data consumption.

Benchmark your progress solving data challenges

Today’s competitive market is driving every organization to be data-driven, but there are many challenges to solve. Talend surveyed 763 organizations to discover how data-driven they are becoming and how much they trust their data.

Talend customer: AstraZeneca

Talend hat eine großartige Vision, was die Integration in der Cloud betrifft. Durch die Migration großer Datensätze in unseren AWS-Data Lake können wir jetzt Daten über verschiedene Geschäftseinheiten hinweg leichter auffinden. Dies beschleunigt wissenschaftsbasierte Innovationen und stärkt die Bereiche Finanzen, HR und Commercial Execution.

Andy McPhee, Data & Analytics Engineering Director, Astrazeneca
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Talend customer: Euronext

An der Börse kommt es auf drei Dinge an: Integrität (weil man keine einzige Order verlieren darf), permanente Verfügbarkeit und Governance (in einem streng regulierten Markt besonders wichtig). Talend hat diese Anforderungen brillant erfüllt.

Abderrahmane Belarfaoui, Chief Data Officer (CDO), Euronext
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