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Data Reply

Data Reply is a company inside Reply Group specialized in data management with Big Data & Advanced Analytics methodologies to enable the enhancement the organization’s information assets.

Data Reply is the system integrator with the largest number of Big Data environments in production in Italy. His strong partnerships focused on Hadoop  ecosystem and a team of Big Data engineers  and Data Scientist are the landmark for customers looking to adopt Big Data technologies and catch the growth opportunities that these technologies can achieve.

The main distinguishing factors that facilitate and support the growth of the team Data Reply, are definitely the strong and continuous commitment to experimentation.

Data Reply is constantly seeking for young talents and if you are skilled in IT or statistical sciences, if you feel motivated, engaged, creative and performance-driven, you have high expectations for yourself and for your colleagues and you feel good working in a dynamic, fast growing environment which rewards failures because hardly convinced If you’re not failing you’re not trying hard enough, please meet with us. We like hiring people who are better than we are and help them become superstars, never being afraid of being outshined by someone on our team because his success will reflect favorably on our global results.


Databricks’ vision is to empower anyone to easily build and deploy advanced analytics solutions. The company was founded by the team who created Apache® Spark™, a powerful open source data processing engine built for sophisticated analytics, ease of use, and speed. Databricks is the largest contributor to the open source Apache Spark project. The company has also trained over 40,000 users on Apache Spark, and has the largest number of customers deploying Spark to date. Databricks provides a just-in-time data platform, to simplify data integration, real-time experimentation, and robust deployment of production applications. Databricks is venture-backed by Andreessen Horowitz and NEA. For more information, contact


DataFactZ is a Business Analytics company that helps large enterprises manage and leverage data with a suite of professional services in Data Engineering, Data Science, and Decision Science.  Our product is our team, and they’re experts at helping companies leverage data to create competitive advantage and become more Data Driven.

DataFactZ is a Gold Partner of Talend. This alliance brings together Talend’s innovative cloud and big data integration technology with DataFactZ deep expertise in implementing data engineering solutions. DataFactZ has successfully implemented many tailored Integration solutions that enable customers over a broad range of industries including Fortune 500 based companies across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific to use their enterprise information more effectively throughout their organizations.


Datalytyx is the leading provider of Talend consulting services, managed services and professional Talend development services. We have been awarded Best Talend VAR Partner 2016, Talend’s Cloud Partner of the Year 2017 & 2018, and Talend’s 2019 Innovation award.

With our partners, Talend, Snowflake, Databricks, AWS and Azure, we provide Palladium, the cloud-based data & AI platform delivered as a monthly managed service. With Palladium, we reduce the complexity of achieving your data-driven goals by providing the technology, skills and resources as a monthly subscription service.

Contact us to accelerate your modern data architecture, customer 360°, real-time data processing, master data management and data quality projects.

Clients benefiting from our Talend experts include Hermes, Affinity Water, Calor, JD Sports, and Wejo.