Our analyses are structured around the consumer, the product, the time, and the store.
With Talend, we can improve our customer service throughout our retail network.

Didier Dubois, IT Infrastructure Manager, Zannier Group

20 data flows

20 data flows developed immediately after Talend deployment

2 ERP systems

2 ERP systems feed data through Talend into a data warehouse

Faster reporting

Faster reporting from data warehouse via Talend automation and reports

Analyzing sales and stock to improve customer service

As part of its strategic business intelligence (BI) project, Zannier Group developed a data warehouse, and needed a powerful, flexible ETL solution to help it consolidate data from two ERPs designed for the clothing industry.

The company selected Talend Data Integration for its ease of operation and implementation, rich functionality, ability to integrate specific components, and features. Zannier also chose Talend for its open source model, community of developers, and its Java base, which enables the company to use existing skills within the company.

Talend is now a major component of the company’s BI chain, facilitating analysis of sales and stock to help the company improve services to customers. Also, because Talend is so user-friendly, Zannier is allowing business users to perform their own queries, which increases productivity, since users don’t need to depend on third parties to analyze new trends.

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