With Big Data, we developed the first French agricultural digital platform designed to optimize yields while ensuring better food safety and improved environmental protection.

Stephane Marcel, Director, InVivo Digital Agro Division and SMAG CEO


Management of 80% of French agricultural land under wheat cultivation

30 years

of stored weather data history

300 GB of data

processed daily. For example, around 10,000 spatial images represent one crop year.

Feeding nine billion people on the planet

Ramping up production to feed the planet’s predicted population of nine billion, while simultaneously protecting the environment—this is today’s agricultural challenge. InVivo is France’s leading agricultural cooperative group with 220 members. Its subsidiary SMAG, the French leader in agronomic information systems, publishes software used by 80% of cooperatives and 50% of merchants in France.In order to automate the plot yield forecasts, SMAG selected JEMS datafactory to create the first agricultural Hadoop/ElasticSearch data lake housing satellite images and drones, weather data, SMAG information system data and trade references (varieties and soil types).
The Data Crop solution, combined with Talend Big Data, provides a whole range of benefits. A significant reduction in the use of inputs—pesticides or fertilizers—is now possible thanks to the optimization of doses based on plot needs. Traders, equipped with information on yield forecasts, can anticipate the volatility of prices on the global market faster. Merchants benefit from a better zoning organization, which simplifies logistics. Cooperatives receive the information they need to guide and advise farmers. Farmers optimize their margins. And consumers benefit from increased food safety and improved environmental protection.

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