Every day, at a set time, the activities of each hotel are “closed”. With data at fingertips, we keep focused on delivering the best hotel guest experience.

Nabil Elmernikh, BI Manager, Louvre Hotels

>100 SQL scripts

More than 100 SQL scripts for data loading now included in Talend processes

95% covered

95% of loading needs covered by pre-built Talend connectors

MDM strategy

MDM strategy foundation facilitates a move to overarching data policies

Setting the right room pricing and offering the best customer service

The eighth-largest hotel chain in the world, Louvre Hotels has a steadily expanding data warehouse—actually several data marts—used by 150 people to construct analyses for managing operations or marketing. Loading data was done by more than a hundred SQL scripts, which caused problems with redundancy, lack of automation, and unreliable data.

After a successful trial with Talend Open Studio, Louvre Hotels adopted Talend Data Integration, which the company found offered cost-optimized technology with performance equivalent to proprietary solutions. The company worked with Manapps, a Talend Platinum Partner, to improve integration processes and provide users with the latest data.

With the new Talend-based loading system now in place, the IT team can devote time to such high-level projects as metadata management and archiving—particularly useful when changing versions of business applications or rebranding a recently acquired hotel to add to the 1,000-plus hotels in 41 countries the group already manages.

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