Food traceability is at the heart of food safety. With Talend, we connect the whole food chain to supply top quality meat.

Yann Pilpré, Head of Information Systems, ALPM Group

2x increase

2x increase in developer productivity

+5 person-days

Gain of 5 person-days per week due to elimination of manual data entry

70% -1% errors

70% – 1% drop in error rates on barcode readers

Tracking meat, from breeding through delivery

An agricultural product and food company specializing in the processing of rabbit meat, Lœul & Piriot has deployed two ERP systems: one managing production, the other the purchase of live animals and supplies. The company wanted to bridge the two applications and facilitate the integration of other business applications, such as one that manages barcode readers.

Not wanting to develop point-to-point integrations that would be difficult to maintain, the company selected Talend Data Services/ESB for its excellent performance and ease of use.

Automating interapplication exchanges enables Lœul & Piriot to improve the company’s responsiveness and sell more and better products. Talend also helps Lœul & Piriot reduce costs by freeing it from the point-to-point approach, and by increasing data quality and developer productivity.

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