Why I Joined Talend

Why I Joined Talend

  • Jean-Michel Franco
    Jean-Michel Franco is Director of Product Marketing for Talend. He has dedicated his career to developing and broadening the adoption of innovative technologies in companies. Prior to joining Talend, he started out at EDS (now HP) by creating and developing a business intelligence (BI) practice, joined SAP EMEA as Director of Marketing Solutions in France and North Africa, and then lately Business & Decision as Innovation Director. He authored 4 books and regularly publishes articles, presents at events and tradeshows and can be followed on Twitter: @jmichel_franco

I have joined Talend earlier this month to take ownership of Product Marketing for the Data Governance solutions. And there are a couple of reasons for that.

First, after seven years working for a Consulting and System Integrator, I wanted to go back in the software industry (I worked at SAP during seven years), a very competitive industry fueled by innovation.  In this context, my new role gives me the opportunity to keep close to the demand side, so that I can sense and respond to our customers’ needs and related business stakes.  At the same time, with my counterpart from product management and our R&D, I can influence the future of our MDM and Data Quality platforms and the data governance market. I aspire as well to co-create new solutions together with our customers and partners. By the way, through this blog post, let me call for feedback from our existing customers and partners; I’m happy to get your insights on our current solutions and how you feel we should improve them in the future.

The second reason why I opted in is related to the market that I will focus on:  my former jobs at SAP and Business & Decision gave me the chance to focus successively in many different markets: Business Intelligence, Enterprise Applications, CRM, digital marketing, etc. To me, among those markets, Enterprise Information Management and Big Data are the new kids on the block. More particularly, the data governance market, although a yet established multi-billion dollar market, is still in its early phase. Companies are getting convinced that information is a key asset, while realizing that early adopters have developed new data centric disciplines and processes, and elevated them as a competitive advantage against their competition. Many industries, like media, hospitality or retail, are even profoundly disrupted by those data-driven approaches. As a result, data governance is no more a “next practice” that has to be invented by a few pioneers. It has become a must, a best practice that every company should adopt. However, most companies are currently at very early steps in their maturity curve, and this opens us the unique opportunity to become a trusted advisor to empower them with the right tools, platform and practices. As a veteran in the Business Intelligence market, I saw this market slowly maturing during twenty years, and I’m convinced that data governance is heading towards a similar journey. Moreover, Big Data trend and the awareness it raises at an executive level is a great accelerator for our customer to turn their activity into a data driven business.

The third reason for having chosen Talend is its unique positioning in the market. I found passion, deep expertise, enthusiasm together with a start-up spirit. Due to its open source roots, I also found a very open minded approach to go to market, based on a large eco-system working as a network. I’m convinced that what Gartner calls the nexus of forces (the convergence of innovation fueled by the cloud, mobility, data-driven and social applications) is opening new horizons for our market.  This is an exciting environment to live in, one that my role as innovation director at my former company allowed me to discover. Now I’m fully in, standing right in the middle.



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