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Testing Machine Learning Algorithms with K-Fold Cross Validation

15. Mai 2017 - Guest Bloggers

In an earlier post on Applying Machine Learning to IoT Sensors, I discussed the process for classifying sensor data with a machine

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Vor der großen Datenflut – Datenmanagement ist für eine erfolgreiche Industrie 4.0article in German

08. Mai 2017 - Guest Bloggers


In dem ersten Teil der Diskussion haben wir einige generelle Herausforderungen von IoT angesprochen. In diesem zweiten Teil skizzieren wir zentrale Aspekte von Industrie 4.0 und unterstreichen die Notwendigkeit für ein strategisches Datenmanagement.


Deutschlands Referenzarchitektur-Modell Industrie 4.0 (RAMI 4.0)


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Data Model Design & Best Practices – Part 1

05. Mai 2017 - Dale Anderson

Business Applications, Data Integration, Master Data Management, Data Warehousing, Big Data, Data Lakes, and Machine Learning; these all have (or should have) a common and essential ingredient:  A Data Model; Let us NOT forget about that; Or, as in many situations I run into, ignore it completely!

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How to Turn Text into Data Using tNormalize and tJavaFlex in Talend

05. Mai 2017 - Guest Bloggers

In this example, we have a set of XML files which represent a response to a stock update (fabricated example). The XML file has one critical field in it which is a text based description of the result of the transaction. We need to analyse the transaction results, and so need the data in a structured format.

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[Podcast] Tech Trends in 2017 with Bernard Marr: Blockchain, IoT and More

25. April 2017 - Ciaran Dynes


Last year, half the world’s population became connected to the internet, and the number of connected machines surpassed 6.4 billion according to Gartner. That’s a lot of data coming from a lot of places. So what will businesses be doing with all this data being generated by connected devices, machines and people in 2017?

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Applying Machine Learning to IoT Sensors

14. April 2017 - Guest Bloggers

If you have already seen our demo on Analyzing Real-time Streaming IoT (Internet of Things) Data, you’re probably wondering how we trained our classification model to be able to predict user activity. Let’s first discuss the background of the demo, how we classify the data, and lastly choosing an appropriate model.

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The Internet of Things and the Threat it Poses to GDPR Compliancearticle in French

03. April 2017 - Jean-Michel Franco

The pending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is already significantly impacting businesses across Europe. Organisations need to take action now to make certain they are adequately capturing, integrating, certifying, publishing, monitoring and of course, protecting their data to ensure compliance when GDPR enters into application in May 2018.

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A First for Apache Beam

05. März 2017 - Laurent Bride

At Talend, we like to be first. Back in 2014, we made a bet on Apache Spark for our Talend Data Fabric platform which paid off beyond our expectations. Since then, most of our competitors tried to catch-up…

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