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A First for Apache Beam

05. März 2017 - Laurent Bride

At Talend, we like to be first. Back in 2014, we made a bet on Apache Spark for our Talend Data Fabric platform which paid off beyond our expectations. Since then, most of our competitors tried to catch-up…

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[VIDEO] Modern Data Management Needs a Governed, Self-Service Approacharticle in French

01. März 2017 - Guest Bloggers

IT Pros, have you felt left out of technical lately? Yes? You are not the only one.

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When It Comes to Big Data and Cloud, Continuous Innovation is the Model

21. Februar 2017 - François Mero

During the 2008 election campaign, Barack Obama denounced his opponents for advocating “change” as an electoral argument while belonging to the government party that “had changed nothing.” He approached the situation with humor, employing an expression well-known across the Atlantic: “Y

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Stripping Websites and Translating Text using Talend and Google Translate API

16. Februar 2017 - Guest Bloggers

Recently I developed a proof of concept ETL job to strip product information from a website, translate it, and create a data set comprising the original text and the translated text. 

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Edge Analytics – The Pros and Cons of Immediate, Local Insight

07. Februar 2017 - Zeeshan Javeed

A number of data scientists reached out to me about data storage and processing as discussed in my last blog around ‘IoT’.

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How to Offload Oracle and MySQL Databases into Hadoop using Apache Spark and Talendarticle in German

01. Februar 2017 - Guest Bloggers


In the space of Big Data, a common pattern found is offloading a traditional data warehouse into a Hadoop environment. Whether it be for primary use or to only store “cold” data, Talend makes it painless to offload.

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Getting Started with Big Data

29. Januar 2017 - Guest Bloggers

Big data is here to stay

After social media, the Internet of Things is the next

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Power to The People – Creating Trust in Data with Collaborative Governance

25. Januar 2017 - Jean-Michel Franco

Today’s enterprise IT organizations are once again experiencing a massive upheaval due to pressure from employee forces.

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Accelerate Data Lake Creation and Software Development Lifecycles with Talend Integration Cloud Winter ’17

24. Januar 2017 - Jennifer Zhou

Today, we announced the general availability of the Winter ’17 release of Talend Integration Cloud, an Integration-as-a-Service (iPaaS) platform. This release helps customers build data lakes dramatically faster using AWS S3 and reduce data security vulnerabilities through controlled access.

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The Future of Apache Beam, Now a Top-Level Apache Software Foundation Project

13. Januar 2017 - Guest Bloggers


Our journey to this day started 10 months ago, and what an exciting road it has been.

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What Exactly is Talend Data Stewardship and Why Do You Need It?

12. Januar 2017 - Jean-Michel Franco


What does your next data-driven project have to do with data stewardship? 

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