11 Januar 2017

Discovering a Talend for real-time data integration

“Is it just us or has all data gone real-time overnight?” That question was asked – and answered – by Ciaran Dynes, VP products and marketing, Talend during an interview with DataIQ in London late last year. It reflects a rapidly changing market for the company’s ETL services which are increasingly being used to manage […]

29 November 2016

[French] Veolia Water channels its flows for its future Cloud SI

As part of its project to migrate its information system to the AWS Cloud, Veolia turned to Talend for the transit of its inter-application flows.

28 November 2016

How to deal with data at scale

The world increasingly runs on data, and that data is only expanding. Like the blob, it gets everywhere: storage systems, databases, document repositories.

25 November 2016

Talend and Springg help farmers to feed the world

Discover how Springg, a Dutch software company, and Talend helps farmers to produce more crops.

23 November 2016

[French] New technologies return to the stock market

Mike Tuchen, Talend CEO, talks about Talend’s IPO and the recovery positive signs in the stock market.

23 November 2016

[French] How Air France-KLM uses its data to improve the customer experience

Air France-KLM, Talend customer, created a 360-degree view of its customers for a better travel experience.

23 November 2016

Delivering data to farmers to feed the world

Trying to feed the world is no easy feat. Springg IT-platform, is doing its part by making it possible to provide fertilizer advice to farmers in the most remote regions of the globe.

21 November 2016

Talend CEO on ‘Clean Data’ Demand, Cloud Growth and Trump

“Clean” Data in Demand, Trump a Tech “Unknown” says Talend CEO