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Big Data Overload is Reshaping the Technology Market

As a result of the Talend’s meeting at Teradata Partners Conference with Becca Lipman, this article discusses changes in the big data industry, and the launch of Teradata’s cloud and offering data warehousing as a service.

“Big data” – why are we waiting?

Further to Talend-sponsored survey, 24 per cent of respondents said that there was no interest in big data within their organisation. As the rate of data growth continues to escalate, Yves de Montcheuil, VP of Marketing, looks at what is holding organisations back and how they can translate vast amounts of data into actual big data projects.

Big Data Success: Avoid Five Major Pitfalls

The interest in extracting value from all data assets, and especially big data, continues to soar, but the reality is that many organizations are still in the preliminary stages of their big data projects. Yves de Montcheuil, Talend’s vice president of marketing, gives us in a blog post in Innovation Insights, five top tips to successfully perform a Big Data project.

Thought Leaders in Big Data

In an interview for One Million by One Million Blog, Yves de Montcheuil, Talend’s vice president of marketing, talks about Talend’s data integration solutions to help organizations leverage their data assets, providing a platform for those companies to specify their own parameters.

Of Dark Data, Beware You Must

Dark data is usually defined as data that is kept “just in case” but hasn’t (so far) found a proper usage, or can be harvested and leveraged beyond its primary (intended) usage. Yves de Montcheuil, Talend’s vice president of marketing, explains in a blog post in IT Briefcase, the importance of “dark data” when conducting a big data project.