26 Juni 2017

Connecting the Customer Dots Is Vital to Business

A recent study conducted by Researchscape on behalf of cloud and big data integration vendor Talend revealed that organizations are making a significant effort to spread customer data throughout their businesses and to ensure that the insight that data provides drives decision making. But the results of the survey, which polled 361 IT leaders and […]

6 Juni 2017

Big data tools

Talend: a company with a broad array of products, Talend is built around their Master Data Management (MDM) offering, which combines real-time data, applications, and process integration with data quality and governance.

3 Juni 2017

College Grads Are Ignoring This Essential Skill

Mike Tuchen, CEO of Talend, a global leader in cloud and big data integration software that was one of just five tech companies to go public in 2016, wasn’t always so successful. He co-founded software startup Paramark over a decade ago, but the company failed.

30 Mai 2017

How Tech Made the Pulitzer Prize-Winning Panama Papers Coverage Possible

Talend’s technology let the journalists take the row-and-column data structures they had painstakingly rebuilt and pump them into an open-source Neo4J graph database, which let reporters see onscreen icons representing people or organizations that are based on the original data. Without a tool like Talend the team would have to write a ton of software […]

30 Mai 2017

Talend supports Cloudera Altus

Talend is working with Cloudera as the first integration provider to support Cloudera Altus, a newly released Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering that simplifies running large-scale data processing applications in the public cloud.

25 Mai 2017

Talend travels full circle

With the cloud and machine learning, Talend’s journey has gone full circle. Pioneering open source in the data integration space, Talend led the way for a new generation of providers who challenged Informatica and IBM from the bottom up. Today, providers who emerged in the world of Hadoop and cloud have spurred providers like Talend […]

25 Mai 2017

IoT data threats and other issues global companies face as GDPR nears

With May 2018 fast approaching, time is rapidly running out for global businesses. If they want to take advantage of the IoT and ensure they comply with GDPR, they need to put these issues on their boardroom agenda and start actively addressing them right away.

24 Mai 2017

Talend Announces Support for Cloudera Altus

Companies can use a combination of Altus and Talend technology to reduce overall data management costs, accelerate, and simplify hybrid, on-premises, and cloud big data projects.

18 Mai 2017

Apache Beam 2.0 released

The Apache Beam team has announced the first stable release of the project, version 2.0. Apache Beam is an advanced unified programming model designed for batch and streaming data processing. Apache Beam is already being used by companies like Google Cloud, PayPal and Talend.