Monat: November 2015

The Universal Language of Data Mastery

  It’s no secret that big data is engulfing society at large. A recent survey of senior level IT professionals by CIO Insight, found that 90% of respondents said their organizations were investing in big data and analytics.  So, what do these results really mean? It means that companies in all sectors are finding value […]

Sechs Dinge, die eine Big-Data-Plattform aufweisen sollte

Tags: big data platform, 360 degree view,   Damit Unternehmen wirklich datengesteuert arbeiten können, müssen sie das „Was?“ und „Wie?“ und das „Was wäre, wenn?“ verstehen. Und zwar nicht nur in Bezug auf ihre eigenen Unternehmensdaten (Kurzsicht), sondern auch die Big Data um sie herum (Geodaten, soziale Daten und Sensordaten). Das ist der einzig mögliche […]

Too Soon to Talk Holiday Shopping?

  We recently completed a survey uncovering some of the new opportunities and challenges facing online retailers. You can read the highlights in the press release here:… . As you’ll see, one of the focus areas of the survey is around the challenge of shopping -cart abandonment, which costs the retail industry hundreds of […]

Our Sandbox has Better Toys

  Today we launched a new real-time big data Sandbox. This is a super quick and painless way for you to gain first-hand experience with one of the latest big-data innovations, Apache Spark. For those of you not familiar with a Sandbox, we’re basically talking about a virtual development environment. Our virtual environment combines our […]