Monat: October 2015

Building ‘Houses’ in the Cloud

  In my IT career I have had the opportunity to work on many great Data Management projects, ranging from simple extract, transform and load (ETL) assignments that support operational systems like CRM, SFA, and ERP, to simple Data Warehouses.  I have been on some very impressive Master Data Management (MDM) and Data Quality projects […]

You’ve Bought Into the Cloud: Now What?

  For the last few years we’ve been hearing about the benefits of the cloud. And at this point, many of us agree the benefits are sizable and beneficial.  So, let’s say you’ve finally agreed that it’s time to move to the cloud – what’s next? First off, “the cloud” can mean anything – so […]

Self-Service and Data Governance Empowers LOB Users

There is a major transformation underway in the use of data centric tools within the enterprise. When it comes to working with solutions for data integration, data preparation, data analysis and Business Intelligence (BI), the emphasis is shifting from IT to line of business (LOB) users. This is a natural evolution.  LOBs today have to […]

You Can’t Fake the Data-Driven Force

  Before I get into my blog – an admission – I’m a major Star Wars fan. No, seriously – a MASSIVE fan. Back in the day, I was a light-saber-toting-wookie-lovin-Princess Leia-poster-on-the-wall type fan. Yup, that guy. In three months, the next Star Wars movie hits the streets and, as you can imagine, I can’t […]