Monat: September 2015

Echtzeit-Big Data werden Mainstream – sind Sie bereit?

Tags: talend 6, apache spark, spark streaming, real-time big data, #talend6awakens,   Echtzeit-Big-Data-Analytik, die schon längst ein rapides Wachstum verzeichnete, gelangt jetzt an einen Wendepunkt. Zum ersten Mal vereinigen sich jetzt alle Bestandteile zu einer integrierten Echtzeit-Big-Data-Lieferkette, mit der die Geschäftsführung allgemein völlig verändert wird. Es hätte kaum einen günstigeren Zeitpunkt für diese Entwicklung geben […]

Survive and Thrive in a Data-Driven Future: Talend Hits the Big Apple at Strata and Hadoop World 2015!

  Big Data Analytics have been advancing in the past years as the amount of information has exploded to petabytes and even EXABYTES of data. Hadoop is definitely the platform of choice for Big Data analysis and computation, however, as data Volume, Variety and Velocity increases, Hadoop as a batch processing framework cannot cope with […]

The Role of Data Governance in Delivering Seamless Omni-Channel Experiences

  Deploying the most powerful technology tools or building sophisticated processes help retailers maximize the shopper experience, drive operational excellence and ensure financial health. However, these results are all dependent on the quality of data used to drive business activities. Indeed, findings from Aberdeen Group’s Data-Driven Retail study shows that quality of data is the […]

The Path to Optimize Retail Operations through Big Data

  Running a retail business is no easy feat. There are plenty of unknowns and moving parts that change the dynamics of the business. Coupled with rising consumer expectations for better service, achieving operational excellence is not an option, but rather a necessity for modern retailers. In our previous post we noted the benefits of […]

Being a Data-Driven Retailer: What’s in it for You?

  The short-answer to the above question is: ‘a lot.’ However, that’s not adequate to highlight the vital importance of adopting a data-driven approach to manage retail business activities ranging from supply chain management to pricing and demand planning. As such, this post will provide a detailed overview of the performance benefits retailers enjoy by […]

Bootstrapping AWS CloudFormation Stacks with Puppet and Structured EC2 User Data

  The purpose of this blog is to provide practical advice on how to approach application bootstrapping on AWS using CloudFormation, Puppet, Hiera and Serf. To obtain the most benefit from the blog, you should be technically familiar with these four technologies. High level tasks include: Create the your CloudFormation template Install and configure software […]