Open Source ESB

Talend is the Best Source for Open Source ESB

Open source ESB software has significant advantages over proprietary ESB products. Open source ESB solutions:

  • Cost much less to acquire and operate than proprietary solutions
  • Allow users direct access to the underlying code
  • Adhere closely to open standards for maximum interoperability

Driven by associated developer communities, they also tend to advance and improve more rapidly than proprietary software.

Talend has emerged as the leading provider of open source ESB and open source SOA solutions because of the key value-added services that Talend delivers to its worldwide customer base:

  • Selection, testing, and certification. Talend builds its open source ESB and application integration solutions on carefully selected, mature open source projects such as Apache ESB technologies including, Apache CXF™, Apache Camel™, Apache ActiveMQ™, and Apache Karaf™. Talend tests its integrated solutions rigorously and certifies them for mission-critical deployments, giving added peace of mind to developers and IT managers.
  • Packaging and pre-configuration. Talend integrates and enhances open source ESB technologies and delivers them in single packages, pre-configured for a variety of deployment environments. With enterprise service bus open source from Talend, system set-up is simpler, faster, and more reliable.
  • Training, support, and consulting. Talend backs its open source solutions with comprehensive user documentation and a wealth of on-demand, web-based learning resources. Talend also offers public and private training classes, as well as expert technical support and professional services.

Flexible, High-Performance Open Source ESB Solutions

Talend's open source ESB solutions deliver key benefits for organizations seeking to seamlessly integrate heterogeneous systems and applications:

  • A distributed, lightweight architecture that easily embeds across your existing systems.
  • Modular design that enables incremental deployment of only the services that you need.
  • Intelligent routing and mediation, and enterprise integration patterns with customizable rules.
  • Fast and flexible service enablement in standards-based implementations such as SOAP, REST, and many others.
  • An intuitive Eclipse-based development environment shortens the learning curve and boosts developer productivity.
  • Adherence to open standards, to ensure maximum interoperability and agility.
  • A range of solution packages tailored toward different organizational needs, from a lightweight ESB platform to a full-fledged suite for developing, deploying, and managing SOA services.

Learn more about Talend’s application integration solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for ESB today and start benefiting from the leading open source ESB tool.